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Community FAQ's - Information about the Community

Q - How many home sites are there in Long Meadow Ranch Units I and II? And, how many acres make up a parcel? Also, can I split my lot into smaller acreage? A -
There are 66 home sites or parcels. A number of residents own more than one parcel. The largest home site or ranch in the community is approximately 150 acres and the smallest is 36 acres. No lot splits smaller than 36 acres are allowed.

Q - What is the topography of Long Meadow Ranch? A - The land is rolling hills with washes running throughout. There is a mixture of sandy loam soil and clay deposits with surface rock. Vegetation consists of mixed scrub oak chaparral and open grassland with scattered juniper and cacti.

Q - Are there color restrictions imposed on structures (houses and barns)? A - Most of us purchased our lots appreciating the open space and broad vistas, the natural vegetation and the wildlife. These are the aesthetic values discussed at the 1999 Annual Meeting. It was agreed at that meeting that the community would strive to preserve the natural beauty of Long Meadow Ranch by encouraging the use of colors that blend with the vegetation (earth tones); the selection of natural and non-reflective materials. Please visit the "Architectural Guidelines" section of the website.

Q - Are there restrictions on the number of horses I can keep on my property? A - Please visit the "Architectural Guidelines" Website page for additional requirements if you will have over 8 animals (horses, cattle, llamas, dogs, etc. excluding house pets) per 36 acre parcel. Be advised that this is high desert and an animal grazing unit (for cattle) is 120 acres in the adjoining National Forest.

Q- What telephone services are available? A - Midvale Telephone Exchange provides landline fiber optic service to the community. Cell phone reception is available from Verizon, T Mobile or AT&T.

Q- What internet services are available? A - Midvale Telephone Exchange provides internet via landline fiber optic cable. Bolt and SpeedConnect are wireless providers if your property has line of site to one of their transmitting antenna. There are also the satellite based providers.

Q. What about utilities? A - Electricity is supplied by Arizona Public Service (APS). Above ground electric lines service the parcels along Tonto Road (Parcels 35 through 47 inclusive) and Unit I and underground electric facilities service the balance of the parcels. (Parcels 48 through 66, inclusive.) On parcels that do not have structures currently receiving electricity, the owner will, before building, be responsible for extension of facilities from the lot line to the residence at a minimum cost of $5,000. Water is not available from a municipal or private water company. Individual wells must be drilled. Arizona law requires all well construction be performed by a licensed well driller. Depths-to-water in wells typically range from 65 feet below land surface to 174 feet below land surface and typical yields vary based on pump size and permit type. Depth-to-water and yield depend upon topography and actual well location. Individual Sewage Disposal Systems are used for sewage disposal. Prior to installation the state and local Health Department should be contacted for specific cautions and requirements. Due to the rocky terrain, some of the higher elevation parcels in Long Meadow Ranch may require evaporative systems designed specifically for the parcel. Lower elevation parcels have had success installing standard septic systems. Not familiar with septic systems? An article from the local newspaper, the Courier, can be read by clicking here. Refuse: Long Meadow Ranch is serviced by Waste Management, Inc. and United Disposal. Individual homeowners may contract with one of them for weekly trash pick-up for a monthly fee. Refuse can also be dumped at the Prescott Transfer Station, 2800 Sun Dog Ranch Rd., located approximately 1-1/2 miles north of Prescott off Route 89.

Q - How close is the nearest fire station? A - The Williamson Valley Fire District station is located approximately four miles from Long Meadow Ranch.

Q - Is LMR a Firewise Community? A - Yes and additional information is available at this link click here

Q - We have children - how close are the schools? A - Abia Judd Elementary School is approximately 22 miles from the farthest parcel. Granite Mountain Middle School is also approximately 22 miles. Prescott High School is approximately 24 miles from the farthest parcel. The school bus picks up children for all grades at the corner of Williamson Valley Rd., and Fair Oaks Rd.

Q - Can you tell us about the community roads? A - With the exception of Tonto Road, which is a County maintained asphalt paved road surface, LMRPOA's community roads are intentionally unpaved and will remain that way as part of our rural lifestyle. The unpaved roads are part of our trail system for bicyclists, horseback riders and hikers. The bulk of Property Owner's annual Dues are utilized to maintain our unpaved roads; and contracting for road maintenance is the responsibility of LMRPOA's Board of Directors. LMRPOA's private community roads are not guaranteed passable at all times. In this portion of Arizona, occasional winter snow storms, can cause snow accumulation on our roads; or summer monsoon rains, can bring significant rainfall, causing flash floods sweeping thru the bar ditches and washes, temporarily overtop our roads or bridges for several hours; making our roads temporarily impassable. Caution should be used in venturing out in such conditions or scheduling heavy truck deliveries.

Q - What is the annual average rainfall in LMR? A- This is high desert. The average is about 12-15 inches annually. However, since 1999 this part of Arizona has experienced a severe drought with annual rainfall as low as 5 inches, but we have also had years with excess of 20" of rainfall. Plan on not being able to predict the weather.

Q- What is the emergency response to health related crises? A- The Williamson Valley Fire District has staff on duty 24/7, a paramedic and EMT. Response time should be approximately 10 minutes from the 911 call. Transport to the Yavapai Community Medical Center, which is 24 miles away, could be by private ambulance, car or helicopter depending on the situation. Driving time from the community is approximately 35 minutes depending on traffic conditions. The Yavapai Medical Center has a helicopter available for patient transportation.

Q - How can I review the LMRPOA Bylaws and CC&R's? A- They can be viewed and downloaded from the documents section of this web site.

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